"..... Relax, Learn and Connect."

As more money goes digital, the race is on to control its flow across billions of online channels, point-of-sale locations and smartphones. The collaboration between Application developers and payment platform is a key driver in determining how far the flow will go. Join independent developers and payment professionals with vast experience in Banking & Payment Solutions, Card processing and Switching, telecommunication, e-commerce and more as we learn, network and collaborate to transform the present digital flow into the next NEW WAVE.....

Who Should Attend

Application Developers with passion for building mobile and web applications and are seeking more effective ways of accepting payment within their apps.

Merchants and Business owners who are seeking experienced application developers or more efficient platforms to enhance their already existing online presence or to start up a new online business.

Industry Players seeking collaboration with independent app developers.

What to expect

‘‘Developers Hangout’’ is an informal gathering for key payment Industry players, application developers, technology enthusiast with passion for building applications and E-commerce businesses.

It is an environment to network and share knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere. Success stories of industry collaborations will be shared, pointing out regulatory requirement for electronic payment and the opportunities that exist in the Payment space..

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