October 17, 2017

NIBSS e-BillsPay

NIBSS eBillPay is an account-number-based, online real-time Credit Transfer product that enables customers to make payments by leveraging the security provided by the banks. It enables banks to provide electronic bills payment services through Payment Channels such as Internet Banking (IB), Mobile Banking, Kiosk, etc. while leveraging on the security measures provided by these channels with a view to making payments to signed-up Billers.

This service leverages the NIBSS Instant Payment (NIP) platform that all banks have connected to. As a result of this, there is seamless and straight-through processing from the initiation point to the beneficiary. Unlike other payment services that requires the use of cards, NIBSS e-BillsPay is based on Account numbers of bank customers the Billers would receive value in real time.